How to Screw Up Lent Sacrifices on Day 1

How to Screw Up Lent Sacrifices on Day 1

It all started innocently enough. My company (which is great by the way) held a fly tying workshop at the office Thursday evening. While I do fly fish, I have never taken up fly tying. The company brought in food and drinks and snacks for the 10 or so of us who were there. I had a sandwich and Izzy soda. No problem there. As the class was about to start a beer was offered to everyone. I accepted of course! I love beer. Who wouldn’t accept? Halfway through the beer I had an oh sh*t moment. I don’t drink during Lent. It is one of my things. Crap. I screwed up Lent on day 1.

I poured the remaining beer down the sink and went back to fly tying. In my defense, it caught me off-guard. I wasn’t at home where there is no beer. I wasn’t at a restaurant where I could expect to have a beer and choose not to. It was in my office. It was almost as if the beer was part of a sneak attack catching me off-guard when I least expected it. Excuses, excuses. I was back on track yesterday. Filet-O-Fish and water for my meal.

Moral of the story… don’t let a beer sneak attack you during Lent. You can clearly see the offending can in the photo above taken before my self-realized error. Pax vobiscum.

2 thoughts on “How to Screw Up Lent Sacrifices on Day 1

  1. Ha ha ha ha – welcome to my world, CDD! I think we’ve all been there (be it beer, chocolate, or not shaking your fist at the guy who cut you off at rush hour). 🙂

    1. So very true! The word “idiot” escaped my lips in reference to a driver yesterday. My daughter has asked me about 12 times if I have apologized to God yet. Now if she can only hold on to that grace for about another 80 years she’ll be in good shape.

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